Monday, August 18, 2008

From Bruce Krippner

This arrived in our email on August 18, 2008. Thanks, Bruce!
I grew up at 6127 Waterman and my dad, Ken Krippner, sent me a link to your site on which I've spent hours reading about the history of the community and current goings ons. In browsing the photos, I notice a picture of Betty Kleinfelter with a couple children from Grace Pre-School. I could be wrong, but I believe the girl on the right in the upper left corner of this page ( is Agnes Martin. Not sure if the Martins are still living on McPherson or not but I was good friends with both her and her brother Claude throughout my childhood and have had contact with them both within the last few years. Agnes was living here in Chicago for many years and has since moved to Manhattan where she teaches in the public schools. I'll send her this link to verify though I'm not sure if I have her current email address. But thought I'd let you know, I'm fairly certain this is her. Thanks for your efforts! Bruce Krippner