Saturday, February 16, 2008

Response from Tom McPherron

I received an email yesterday from Tom McPherron. Tom, his wife Sharon, and their three children lived on both Westminster and Kingsbury for a long time. The still live nearby. Tom writes:
"I am not sure I have much to contribute that many others would not. The story I always tell about the neighborhood is how important I think it was to elect John [Roach] as alderman. If that would have not happened and if John had not been able to get Mercantile to start making loans, the government programs would have swamped us in my opinion. Joe [Mensing] and I went through it selling the house on McPherson [at Rosedale] through FHA and it simply was a nightmare. Sharon will always remember being asked why we needed so many bedrooms when we applied for the loan on the house on Kingsbury. So there were lots and lots of people who contributed, but I have always felt John and his election were critical to saving the neighborhood in a really perilous time.
Good luck with your project.

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