Monday, June 2, 2008

Photo Day

On Satuday, May 31, 2008, the Centennial History Committee, held a Photo Day in St. Roch's church basement. Despite the rain and the fact that we had no idea how many folks would come, we had a successful event and a lovely, and technically ideal, venue for it. Monsignor Polizzi was most supportive. A number of people who don't live in the neighborhood, or even the state, dropped in to say hello and reconnect. Cheri McKee, who now lives in Kirkwood, came and brought some pictures for scanning. Roy Roncal, who now lives in Rockford, Illinois, with his wife, Catherine Forslund, and happened to be visiting in St. Louis also spent some time with us. Another surprise was Sue Kropp, now of Arizona, who was visiting her son, Dan Hudspeth, and his family. Other folks, some of whom took time from the McPherson Block Party, dropped in to bring things, including Art Santen, Joan and Rick Bender, Pat McLafferty, Venita and Richard Lake, Lana Stein and her visiting friend, Michelle Hoyman, Shirley Polk, Lois Schoemehl, Arlene Webb, Pete Littlefield and his daughter, Susan, and King Schoenfeld, longtime Times photographer. JoAnn Vatcha managed the party and Marj Weir scanned the photos people wanted least to lose control over. Angie Dietz of the Missouri Historical Society displayed some of the photos we'd already scanned.
We got lots of stuff that people have trusted us to scan and return. Maybe we'll plan another Photo Day before we're through!

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